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Installation, Maintenance and Servicing

Does your boiler make noises, Is it slow to heat up?

If this is the case when was the last time your boiler was serviced?

Not sure then its time to have a service.

Why service boilers?

Boilers need to be serviced annualy like a car. We check and clean all the major components to make sure you boiler is running efficiently. A un-efficient boiler could be costing you more gas then you need. By servicing your boiler we make sure it is safe for you and your familly.

We service all types of boilers so give us a call to arrange an apointment.
It could save you money on your gas.

Time for a New Boiler?

We install two types of systems. Which is right for you?

boiler replacement southampton
Conventional Boiler System

This system typically comprises of a Boiler, a central heating system, a hot water storage cylinder (usually in the airing cupboard) and 2 Top up Tanks (tanks usually in the loft)

It works under low pressure, which means that pressure is generated from the height the tanks are in the Loft.

Advantages -Easy to install, allows many hot water outlets to be used at once, with a good flow rate.

Disadvantages - The low pressure usually means that you will need an electric shower so more expence. They cost more to run than Combi systems, as they have to store lots of hot water.

Combi Boiles Southampton
Combi Systems

The preferred new insulation. The system is pressurised so heats water on demand, it does not need any tanks or cylinders, and this gives you more space in your loft and an extra cupboard where the cylinder was. It costs less, as there are no costs for Tanks or cylinders.

Advantages - High Pressure, which is great for showers, Hot water is on demand, and they cost less to run. They are energy efficient. Part of the new Home information pack, which comes in 2008, which will be required in 2008 to sell your home.

Disadvantages - bath may take longer to fill, Parts can be costly, they are only suitable for homes with up to two bathrooms as they can only produce a certain amount of hot water at any time.