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System Flushing

Make your heating system work like NEW!

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Why do I need to flush my system?

Flusing a system can restore circulation and efficiency to a heating system. It cleans the system, replacing corrosive non-flowing liquid with clean, pH neutral water which contains corrosion inhibitors.

Modern energy saving boilers have smaller components that can easily be blocked by sludge in all types of central heating systems. Boiler manufacturers insist that heating systems be thoroughly flushed before installing their new boilers and have cancelled warranties when unflushed systems have resulted in premature failure of boilers.

How do I know if I need to flush my system?

- Radiators may be cold in areas, slow to heat up, need to be bled on a regular basis, leaking, dirty rusty coloured water in the system. valves are difficult to move.

- Bills may seem expensive for the amount of use of the boiler.

- The boiler may make excessive noise and the pump may keep breaking.

- The age of the system, older unmaintained systems tend to have problems.

What are the benifits of flushing the system?

- Hot water can be heated faster

- Central heating system works better, with hotter radiators.

- Reduced failures of boiler, so savings in repair bills.

- Lower heating bills

- Increased efficiency so better for the environment

- Boiler warranty protection

- Boiler works quieter

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